About Us

Anyone can bolt parts together.
But we’re not just anyone.

We’re not just machinists and sales – We’re racers, too. From dirt track, circle track, drag racing, drifting, tractor pulling… even boat racing! There isn’t a whole lot we haven’t done. We’re open-minded folks who take pride in our work and never back down from a challenge.

We want to see you meet your horsepower goals. So if you have questions about something in our product line – please call us. You might have to sit on hold for a few minutes or leave a message, but we’ll get you the information you’re looking for. If you don’t have time to sit on hold – shoot us an email. Half of any job is having the right tools, and the most important tool you can get is the right information. As a general rule, we usually have plenty of that in stock.

Whether you’re looking for a stock rebuild, or 1200hp, we are the right answer. And because of that, we’re busy … at times really busy. I don’t mean to brag… or maybe I do, but when you’re as good as we are in this business, the lines can get a little long…

We’re not just a parts warehouse, we’re also a state of the art HP engine machine shop that sells some parts. If you see a part for sale on our website, it’s only because we’ve used those same parts to build our engines. Nothing leaves this shop that we wouldn’t put on our own cars, trucks, boats… etc.

With a multitude of equipment at our disposal and over 100 years of combined experience using those machines – we can fulfill your desire for consistent and durable horsepower. If you need something bored out, balanced, honed, ported, reground, flow tested, blue printed, or any other random machine work – that is where the machine shop part comes in. On a rare occasion something might come up that we can’t do… but we probably know someone who can.

Crank Grinding & Machine Inc has been in business for over 30 years. (DBA as CGM Performance and CGM Racing Engine) You do that by providing high-quality work and  products, fantastic customer support, a desire to see goals reached, and not ripping people off.

The difference between CGM and any other engine shop out there is our people.
Sure, you can click a button and buy parts anywhere…

In addition to our online store, we feature:

  • Engine Dynamometer
  • Complete CNC Engine Machine Shop
  • Engine Blue Printing
  • High Performance Engine Build Facility
  • Engine Balancing
  • Private Label / Custom Product Manufacturing
  • Cylinder Head Development Center
  • Flowbenches (SF600/SF1020)
  • CNC Machines
  • Fabrication/Welding  Shop

Contact us

Crank Grinding & Machine Inc.
DBA :CGM Performance and CGM Racing Engines 8211 Cloverleaf Dr.Millersville, Maryland 21108



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